The C-Roll Stash, Part 1: Sex Above The SkyDome (NSFW) - couple having sex during sporting event


Fans distracted by sex during Blue Jays game - UPI Archives couple having sex during sporting event

Remember that classic footage of a Fenway Park threesome from the early '90s Of Stadium Sex, Nip-Slips, Boob-Flashes At Sporting Events.

1997 NHL game in Anaheim), an unidentified boob slip, and some sex above the SkyDome during a Red Sox-Jays game. Sports article: at least three incidents at the hotel where couples were having sex in plain view incident when a man was thrown out of the hotel for masturbating at the window.

think the Toronto Blue Jays' retractable roof SkyDome home should be renamed SexDome after fans watched a couple make love in a hotel.

sports fans caught having sex in the stadium So I've included a couple of bonus acts that will titillate and disgust you to And a good thing to remember is that whenever you go to a sporting event of any kind, it's best that.