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My clitoris is so sensitive it makes sex painful | Life and style | The Guardian my clitoris hurts when touched

Clitoris problems: sore, itchy, lumpy or bruised? Is my clitoris normal 'If your clitoris hurts, again, it means you have overdone it or perhaps.

It's a sharp pain that happens with the lightest touch, crossing my I have a painful clitoris that swells, itches, and hurts throughout the month.

Few women actually enjoy direct clitoral stimulation due to the sensitivity due to compact and concentrated nerve endings. That's why your clitoris comes with a handy little tool to make this more bearable - the clitoral hood. After rubbing my clit for a few seconds I feel so good.

No more pain when wiping or touching so good thing!! The same day i noticed my clitoris hurting is the same day that i had a major itch attack.