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Home of the most Badass Fire Pits. check out brian wilke talk about wilke's badass pits. this rotisserie is truly badass! check this video out he is roasting a lamb.

Custom Fire Pits Built To Last! STANDARD BADASS PIT. $475.00 - $995.00. $475.00 - $995.00. BIG RACK PIT. $475.00 - $995.00. $475.00 - $995.00.

Biggest Bully Pitbull on earth "THE HULK" showing you his awesome power!! Boy is so strong 180lbs will sit you on your ass every time easy to say Dog Dynasty S1 • E5 Giant Pit Bull Hulk & The Newborn Baby | DOG.

I GOT CHASED BY A BIG ASS PITBULL!!! ChillAszNat203. Loading. Pit Bull Starved on Heavy Chain Rescued by Pit Crew! Rescuing Rogue.