Laurie Penny: In defence of the “C” word - how to turn on cunt


cunt | language: a feminist guide how to turn on cunt

But what – ultimately – is so terribly offensive about the word "cunt"? For me, “ cunt” is, and will always be, a word of power, whether it denotes.

She also expounded a theory that has long been popular in some feminist circles –that the power of 'cunt' and its status as a forbidden word.

Cunt" isn't scientific, it's erotic. "Cunt" doesn't refer to a baby cat or a treasure chest. It conveys purposeful sexual power, not submission.

Cunt /kʌnt/ is a vulgar word for the vulva or vagina and is also used as a term of disparagement .. expletives, was used by James Pegorino who, after finding out that his personal bodyguard had turned states, exclaimed "The world is a cunt!.