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Book 3, THE PATH OF PEACE in final editing! peace find your path to peace adult

THE PATH OF PEACE, book III of The Cremelino Prophecy, a new YA/Teen fantasy series is now available for If you just can't wait to see how.

Book 3 of The Cremelino Prophecy, THE PATH OF PEACE is now going through final editing. The editing process part of writing and publishi.

So I got home from work, sat in my meditation chair, and tried to calm myself down. When I started to let go of these ideas, the inner peace became the background, and the noise became what would visit and leave. Here are nine unconscious beliefs about life that get in the way of.

The “Peace Path” is a conflict-resolution tool that will help students come up Michigan, we see the importance of providing visual prompts to help our then asked adults and older students to outline the shapes with paint.