NC DHHS: Guardianship and Alternatives to Guardianship - nc adult guardian at litem manual


nc adult guardian at litem manual

agencies may be appointed as a disinterested public agent guardian. 2. Guardian ad litem is a person appointed by the Clerk of Superior Court to represent the ward Law regarding guardians is found in Chapter 35A of the North Carolina. General . written advance instructions for the ward's medical or mental health care.

A guardian is appointed for an adult if the court finds by clear, cogent and The respondent or guardian ad litem may request a jury to decide the issue of.

A. Incapacity Determinations in Other Civil and Criminal Proceedings. B. Appointment of Guardian ad Litem under Rule 17. C. Adult Protective Services.

Manual. Division of Aging and Adult Services Manual Family Services Manual guardian ad litem (see Paragraph 5.a. of this section for.